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General Information

Data on production, consumption, trade and prices – both natural rubber and synthetic rubber – are published on a quarterly basis in the Secretariat’s Rubber Statistical Bulletin. For those looking at time series on rubber for a longer period, the Secretariat also prepares World Rubber Statistics Handbooks.

The mainstay of the Secretariat’s regular analysis is contained within its quarterly report, the Rubber Industry Report. The document offers complete coverage of the world rubber industry and also contains short-term forecasts of production and consumption. Long-term forecasts, typically 10 years out, are given in the semi-annual report World Rubber Industry Outlook.

Once a year, the IRSG organises the World Rubber Summit and publishes the proceedings. Staff regularly contribute and present analytical papers at various international conferences (see Secretariat Conference Papers). Other papers produced by the Secretariat addressing a range of economic and statistical subjects are listed under Secretariat Project Reports.

All IRSG publications and reports are governed by Confidentiality Terms and Conditions.

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