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World Rubber Statistics Handbooks

World Rubber Statistics Handbook (Volume 6, 1975-2001)

This extensive reference book covers all aspects of the world elastomer economy and associated rubber products. It contains authoritative statistics on the production, consumption and trade in natural and synthetic rubber as reported in the quarterly Rubber Statistical Bulletin, including revisions to the data series back to 1975. Prices for natural rubber (excluding latex) are provided, together with export unit values of SR.

In addition to statistics on natural and synthetic rubber, the publication provides statistics on vehicle production, new registrations and vehicles in use. This information provides a comprehensive view of the development of over 90% of the world’s vehicle industries since 1975. Earlier versions of the World Rubber Statistics Handbook are available covering the years prior to 1975 at special request. 
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 WRSH6  World Rubber Statistics Handbook 
 (Volume 6,  1975-2001)

World Rubber Statistics Historic Handbook

This document brings together all available statistics on natural and synthetic rubber for all major countries of the world from 1900 to 1960. In addition to data on production, consumption, stocks and trade in elastomers there are statistics on vehicle production and vehicles in use since 1900 for all major countries with detailed statistics from the mid-1920s. All published data on car and commercial vehicle tyre production from 1910 are also reported. An extensive appendix gives available natural rubber production and export data as well as natural rubber prices from 1822.

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 WRSH0  World Rubber Statistics Historic Handbook  S$2000.00

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