Regional Rubber Trading Co. Pte Ltd.
65 Chulia Street, #44-01 OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513, Singapore, SG
Regional Rubber Trading Co. Pte Ltd is a member of the Lee Rubber Group. Their principal activities are marketing and exporting of Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR), Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR) and Natural Latex produced by the Lee
Rubber Group's factories.

Sales and exports are to practically all the rubber and latex consuming countries, mostly focused on the large tyre and glove manufacturers.

The Group has eight rubber processing factories in Malaysia and ten rubber processing factories in Indonesia. They also produce specially specified SMR and SIR to meet the specific individual needs of many large tyre manufacturers and some manufacturers of speciality products.

The Group operates three latex processing factories in Malaysia. The factories produce high and low ammonia preserved centrifuged latex under the LEE, LEETEX, TOPTEX and TOPLATEX brands.

They are affiliated to the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG); Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE); Rubber Trade Association of Europe (RTAE); Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS); Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Rubber Association (SICCRA); and Singapore National Shippers' Council (SNSC).

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